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Year - 2018

Members' Exhibition 2018
Various Artist
Cronje Lemmer & Roy Vieira Forte
Hare's an idea | In der haas
Carla Crafford & Guy du Toit
Rudolph Vosser - Tribute exhibition
Works from a private collection
Impressions 2018
Die gebreekte mens
Michael Heyns
In the beginning
Michael Teffo
Elsie Weich
Dichotomous Narratives
Karen Pretorius
Francke Gretchen Crots
ANIMALIA EX REBUS (Animals out of things)
Hannes Elsenbroek
Dylan Graham & Alet Pretorius
Katlego Modiri
Raar maar waar - Strange but true
Marinda du Toit
Potter of the Month:  February 2018
Caroline Schulz Vieira
Potter of the month - March 2018
Doreen Hemp
Potter of the month - April 2018
Chris Patton
Potter of the month - May 2018
Karen van der Riet
Potter of the month - June 2018
Lalage Hunter
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