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Johan Steyn

Endangered species - They are disappearing
An exhibition of paintings by Johan Steyn
20 July 2018 to 7 August 2018
Art is intrinsically part of Johan Steyn’s being - he was raised by the foremost batik artist in the country.  Whilst playing in his dad’s studio, the smell of art and paint intoxicated him.  He says:  ‘I think I could paint before I could talk’. 
He qualified as a die-sinker and engraver in 1992 and started his artistic career as a professional engraver at the South African Mint where he designed and developed circulation and collector coins for several countries including South Africa.  
Nature is his greatest inspiration.  ‘I live in a country where fauna and flora are abundant.  Namibia’s almost desolation begs to be committed to canvas.  I find stimuli in South Africa’s east and west coasts.’  
African Wild dog
Bearded vulture
Black footed cat
Black rhino
Loggerhead sea turtle
Martial eagle
Riverine rabbit
Roan antelope
Samango monkey
Table Mountain
Trisan albatross