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Threa(ded) 2021 - Interlacing womxn in the 21st century

12 August to 4 September 2021

This exhibition was curated by Adele Adendorff and Georgina Glass.  It explores womxn through the work of local artists, either engaging directly with thread, fibre or textile as a medium of expression, or indirectly by referring to the connotations brought forth by the ideas associated with the exhibition title. 
Loaded with gender connotations and power hierarchies, fibre-based handicrafts such as crochet, embroidery, knitting, macramé, quilting, sewing, or other media referencing ideas and associations to threads provide a fitting platform to examine the roles and representations within and around womxn in our society.
Artists and the public are invited to contribute to make a digital quilt to expand on the ideas put forward in this show.  The exhibition forms part of Adéle Adendorff’s post-doctoral research project in Digital Culture and Media and aligns with Georgina Glass’s research for her master’s degree.
Participating artists:  Lein Smuts, Marlise Keith, Hannalie Taute, Danelle Janse van Rensburg, Georgina Glass, Stefanie Langenhoven, Ilene Bothma, Maaike Bakker, Frikkie Eksteen, Tilly de Harde, Dalene Meyer, Magdel van Rooyen, Colette Pitout, Jessica Merle, Adéle Potgieter, Tarien Engelbrecht, Octavia Roodt, Isabel de Villiers, Carla Crafford, Shenaz Mahomed, Sandra Hanekom, Nadine Hansen, Marié Stander, Michele Davidson, Jenna Snyman, Celia De Villiers, Mandy Shindler, Natalie Downing, Andrea Rolfes, Thelma van Rensburg, Lisa Nettelton, Ilse Boot, Magda van der Vloed, Miro van der Vloed, Rosa Roux Jordan, Lize Ford, Gordon Froud, Manuela Holzer & Ronel de Jager.
Ronel de Jager - (S)mother I
Ronel de Jager - (S)mother II
Nadine Hansen - A stitch in time
Nadine Hansen - A woman's work is never done
Andrea Rolfes - Jane
Andrea Rolfes - Fanny
Andrea Rolfes - Dove
Andrea Rolfes - Cookie
Andrea Rolfes - Lola
Maaike Bakker - Unravel/revel
Ilene Bothma - A play in five acts
Ilene Bothma - Dark Gifts
Ilene Bothma - Head in the Clouds
Ilene Bothma - Split skin
Ilene Bothma - There’s no Place Like Home I
Ilene Bothma - When I Melt at Your Feet
Celia De Villiers - WOMBSTORIES (series of four)
Colette Pitout - Jacket Pocket
Carla Crafford - Threaded – Uncut
Michele Davidson - Patterned
Tilly de Harde - Eye of the Beholder
Isabel de Villiers - Women in Colour
Natali Downing - I will bloom 
Frederik Eksteen - Dreamcatcher with Studio Waste
(after Courbert’s “The Origin of the World")
Frederik Eksteen - Dreamcatcher with Studio Waste
(after Courbert’s “The Origin of the World")
Tarien Engelbrecht - Don’t cut my dreams
Tarien Engelbrecht - Perfume memories
Georgina Glass - Am I next I?
Georgina Glass - Am I next II?
Georgina Glass - Anonymous apology I
Georgina Glass - Anonymous apology I
Georgina Glass - Madame Defarge:  A twitter thread I
Georgina Glass - Madame Defarge:  A twitter thread II
Gordon Froud - Lace sleeve
Hannalie Taute - Slothliness is next to Godliness
Hannalie Taute - Butterfly without a Samurai
Hannalie Taute - She does not hold water
Hannalie Taute - I burn better in the dark
Hannalie Taute - Identity crisis
Nadine Hansen - Holding it together
Nadine Hansen - Holding it together
Manuela Holzer - Estranged Shadow I
Manuela Holzer - Isolated Shadow I
Danelle Janse van Rensburg - Confessions, 2019
Stefanie Langenhoven - Sacred Feminine, 2021
Magdel van Rooyen - Hanging by a thread I
Magdel van Rooyen - Hanging by a thread II
Magdel van Rooyen - Hanging by a thread III
Shenaz Mahomed - Glock
Shenaz Mahomed - Paper
Shenaz Mahomed - Scissors
Shenaz Mahomed - Paper
Thelma van Rensburg - The Shadow of the Never Recovered Pieces
Thelma van Rensburg
Consider carefully the Imprints I
Thelma van Rensburg - Consider carefully the Imprints II
Thelma van Rensburg - Consider carefully the Imprints III
Marguerite Roux - Bittersweet
Marguerite Roux - Mirror Mirror
Marguerite Roux - Soft Selfportrait
Marguerite Roux - Ugh
Marié Stander - Ukukhululwa
Marlise Keith -  The Wonder of Us
Jessica Merle - Rebirth
Dalene Meyer - All of This
Dalene Meyer - Nothing is Wasted
Dalene Meyer - Unturned
Lisa Nettelton - Threaded African Proverb
Adéle Potgieter - Lost in Dreams of Past and Future I
Adéle Potgieter - Lost in Dreams of Past and Future II
Adéle Potgieter - Ignoring the Big Picture
Adéle Potgieter - Something I saw in Singapore
Octavia Roodt - Oestertjie
Octavia Roodt - Skulpie
Sandra Hanekom - Internal View I
Sandra Hanekom - Internal View II
Sandra Hanekom - Internal View III
Shenaz Mahomed - Glock
Lein Smuts - Pilgrim
Lein Smuts - Memento Mori
Jenna Snyman - For the love of tea
Ronel de Jager - Ravel Ravel X
Lize Ford - Nude Still Life
Lize Ford - Jungle Vase
Magda van der Vloed - Eco Kudu
Miro van der Vloed - Stole in Process
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