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Tertius Swart - A sense of place

23 April to 15 May 2021
Tertius Swart, a young artist worth watching, will have his first solo exhibition from 23 April 2021 in the Galerie Chaton of the Association of Arts Pretoria.
“My easel, canvas and paint create a safe space for me, a sanctum sanctorum, were I can be alone with myself.  I prefer painting animals and landscapes, so that I can feel part of the unspoiled nature, and bask in the loneliness of the South African veld.”
That he should start painting was almost predestined, as he hails from a family of exceptional artists and musicians.  One of the patriarchs of his family was court painter in the Netherlands, and his great grandmother, Elizabeth Peters, was one of the first lady painters in Pretoria.
After his initial training as a graphic designer he qualified as a personal trainer and a conditioning specialist.  He did an internship at Loftus Versveld, but eventually decided to train as a paramedic.
Since his early childhood he exhibited exceptional talent.  His first art work acquired by an art collector was a statuette of an elephant standing with his front feet on a huge ball.  He completed it at the age of nine, after a visit to a circus.
All his landscapes are memories of his ‘heart’s places’ - The Kruger National Park, South East Free State, the Karoo and the Garden Route .  For him every landscape has its own, unique ‘feeling’, hence the title of his exhibition - A Sense of Place.
A sense of home
Auob river
Desert flowers
Escarpment sunrise
Fading light
Karoo storm
Morning mist
Namib night
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