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Stephi Joubert - Biomes of the deep

22 July 2021 to 14 August 2021
Versatile artist Stephi Joubert is celebrating the aquatic biome for this exhibition of numerous works of ink on Clayboard.  Several works of different sizes - including some ‘mermaid boxes’ - depicting this underwater world will be exhibited.  Apart from creatures like eels, anemones, bivalve shells and pearls, die hydrothermal vent and the heart of a wave are also brought to life.
“Nothing can compare to the mystery and grace of underwater life.  From the mythical to the unfathomable, biomes of the deep follows an odyssey into the heart of the ocean,” Joubert says.
Stephi Joubert’s first solo exhibition was held at the Pretoria Arts Association in May 2015 and the second in May 2017.  In 2016 she was a finalist in the Longstreet Art Lovers 2016 Art Competition and later that year she took part in the G&W Tellus Sculptura, an exhibition of ceramic sculpture and plates curated by Gordon Froud.  She has also published a colouring book for adults.
In view of the level 4 lockdown regulations no public gatherings are allowed at the gallery at this stage.  The gallery is open for retail, viewing and for the collection of artworks.  All safety protocols are in place and visitors to the gallery are required to wear a face mask at all times, sanitize their hands and maintain social distancing.
Bivalvia I
Bivalvia II
Coral reefs jewel
Crustose Coralline Algae
Garden eel's circle
Heart of the wave
Hydrothermal vent
Kelp forest
Littorina Obtusata
Mermaid box - Butterfly
Mermaid box - flower
Mermaid box - Juvenile Wolf Eel
Mermaid box - Pearl
Mermaid box - Universe's tidepool
Oceanic odyssey
Soft coral
Treasure of the deep I
Treasure of the deep II
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