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Pretoria Artists - A collector's sale

8 April to 30 April 2021
Andre Naude - Guarded inner progress
Andre de Beer - Cello player
Annelise Bowker - Suspended lattice
Annette Pretorius - Untitled (Ancient crossbow)
Annette Pretorius - Untitled (boat)
At Smit - Karee bridge
At Smit - Elliptical vase
At Smit - Bowl on grooves
At Smit - Full moon rising
At Smit - Kameeldoring
Carl Jeppe - Marikana
Carl Jeppe - Faces drawing
Carl Jeppe - Derelict
Carl Jeppe - Tower
Craig Muller - Celesta Terrestra
Craig Muller - Devine assistance .....
Craig Muller - Variable incandescence of infinity momentarily released
Craig Muller - Rat - first date
Craig Muller - Rat - up the ratsh
Craig Muller - Rat in heels
Craig Muller - Drei
Craig Muller - High voltage
Craig Muller - Squeak at the moon
Craig Muller - At the door
Derek Zietsman - Pussy
Diane Victor - Muzzle
Diane Victor - The crowning
Diek Grobler - Aloe
Diek Grobler - Die hawe
Diek Grobler - Straatkat
Diek Grobler - Oor die berg kom hy
Dylan Graham - Palette head
Dylan Graham & Alet Pretorius - Horizon
Dylan Graham & Alet Pretorius - On an island
Eric Duplan - Picasso's minotaur on a boat
Elizabeth Riding - Collection I no xiv
Eric Duplan - Graphic landscape
Floris van Zyl - The blue room
Fred Claassen - Figure I
Fred Claassen - Figure II
Frikkie Eksteen - Man looking at the sky
Gunther van der Reis - African helmet form
Gunther van der Reis - Female nude
Heidi Fourie - Akward phase
Heidi Fourie - How to fold a napkin
Jahni Wasserfall - Drakensberg landscape
Jahni Wasserfall - Re-visiting the past
Jan v.d. Merwe - Miniature postbox
Joel Sebotema - Veronique
Johann du Plessis - Virginia
Johann du Plessis - Shoe horse
Kay Potts - Skeletons
Kay Potts - Angels and demons
Kobus Walker - Where world's meet
Kobus Walker - Plate with spoon
Kobus Walker - Teapot
Kobus Walker - Water jug
Leanie Mentz - Mending traces
Leanne Olivier - Spraakkruk
Loeritha Saayman - Catch of the day
Majak Bredell - Study 17
Oliver Mayhew - Rorschach
Oliver Mayhew - Genesis
Ryan Loubser - Farmhouse, George
Rina Stutzer - Loop I
Rina Stutzer - Loop II
Retha Buitendach - Krokkodilskedel landskap
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