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Nasrin Shafiei - The Essence of One Thousand & One Nights

19 March to 10 April 2021
‘The Essence of One Thousand and One Nights’ is an exhibition of paintings by Nasrin Shafiei.  Nasrin was inspired by the well-known tales told by Shahrazad.  ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ (also known as The Arabian Nights) consists of the collections of various authors, translators and scholars over many centuries, rooting back to ancient and medieval Persian, Egyptian, Indian, Arabian and Mesopotamian folklore and literature. 
“I gained my inspiration from the mysterious and colourful scenes through the pages of these stories.  In essence, exhibiting and reflecting my journey, not only through reading the literature, but through my own ethnic and cultural background.”
Iranian born Nasrin Shafiei lives in Johannesburg and was trained and mentored by various Iranian and South African artists.  She has a distinguished signature style inspired by classic and neo-classic artists and artworks that are themed around human features and beauty.
Shafiei started at a young age with sculpting, pottery and the painting of figures.  She did her Honours in Language and Literature at the Beheshti University in Tehran studied Ancient Languages and Cultures at the University of Pretoria (and speaks Farsi, Turkish and Azari) and has recently also been working and volunteering in the fields of health management in Pretoria
The jewelled no I
The jewelled no II
Oriental beauty
Shahrzad No 2
The blossom
The feather fan
The veiled
Untold story
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