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Galerie Chaton

Mia van Wyk - ‘A search for beauty’

22 September to 16 October 2021
Mia van Wyk, a fine artist based in Centurion, has a keen interest in the conservation of eco-systems and is inspired by all forms of nature.  Her realistic oil on canvas paintings reveal, record, celebrate and honor the wonderful creatures, plants and insects with which we share our vanishing world. “I use my photographs as a reference for realistic oil paintings, to give a sense of immortality to their fleeting lives.”
Art mediums include oil paint on canvas, and she uses photography to create reference for artworks. Mia received training at The Open Window Art Academy and earned a three year diploma in Visual Communication Design (Cum Laude) in 2000.
Since completing her studies Mia has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and had three solo exhibitions in galleries such as Art Lovers 1932 and the Artbox.  She was a featured artist in the South African Artist Magazine, Issue 55.
Thick billed weaver
Fork-tailed drongo with blue flowers
Small Cape robin-chat
African olive pigeon
Cape robin-chat
White-bellied sunbird
Fork-tailed drongo
Green Gold I
Green Gold II
Yellow goat’s beard
Doves and Flowers
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