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If / When in doubt—Kobus Rossouw

1 October to 23 October 2021
Artist Kobus Rossouw has an unorthodox yet classical approach to painting and printmaking.  The subject matter in his work is mostly superficial, but sometimes explores relationships and how we front our identity.  He is an irreverent purist who believes the act of making only finds meaning in the result.
My work is what it is - Marks on canvas.  No efforts are made to engineer meaning and influence interpretation.  It is, however, capable of adding value to dialogue.  The discourse between arbitrariness and meaning.  The aim was not pompous grandeur, neither honesty.  See what you need or want to.  This exhibition consists of oil on linen.”
According to the artist the exhibition is perhaps commenting on humanity’s futile pursuit to obtain certainty within the context of concepts that by their very nature are designed to create ambiguity and complexity, except when it’s not.
Let Wednesday’s skies enchant and ground you
What you are witnessing now is
Sadness, relief, tiredness, or similar
If / When in doubt
It's really growing on me...
Pes #1
Pes #2
Dis die klein goedjies
Pes #3
Boatman Bird #4
Boatman Bird #5
Minority of one
Boatman Bird #6
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