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Galerie Chaton

Debbie Cloete - Staan asseblief naby

26 August 2021 to 18 September 2021

‘Staan asseblief naby’ is a body of work that explores Debbie Cloete’s personal experience of feminine stereotypes who she translates into positive and intrinsic female characteristics.  The 12 images have been constructed by combining simple and complex personal iconography.  The artist invites the viewer to deconstruct the symbolism in each, to both find and create meaning.
The works speak to her belief and experience that we embody multiple, and sometimes conflicting attributes and that the whole can only exist as the derivative of its many parts.
These women depict and embody specific traits and were chosen to amplify each of these individually, with the implication that they are one person.  Gratitude, devotion, vengeance, desire, fantasy, piety, insecurity, jealousy, dedication, submissiveness and adoration, these attributes exist simultaneously in varying degrees and need not be suppressed regardless if they are learned as dictated by societal norms or shunned as archaic, immoral, anti-feminist or exotic.
The titles allude to how this woman relates to herself as well as how she is reflected in another. 
Staan asseblief naby
Ek lag heeltyd
Kom ons gaan see toe
Hou my vas
Ek wil nie weet nie
Dink jy ek is mooi
Soen my
Wil jy TV kyk?
Proe net
As jy by my bly dan weet ek dis jy
Vir altyd en ewig
Jy hoor my nie
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