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Potter of the Month:  September 2018

Dale Lambert

Dale Lambert was the Association of Arts Pretoria and Ceramics SA’s Potter of the Month for September 2018.
Her fascination with clay and form goes back to early childhood when she would spend countless inspired hours in the sandpit.  For as long as she can remember she was obsessed with clay creations.  She is intrigued by the fact that a substance as rudimentary as clay can be transformed to express the complex and diverse world around her. 
She used to work with porcelain and experienced the thrill that only working with the medium allows.  Her affinity with porcelain exists because it mirrors personal vulnerability and sensitivity whilst also containing a quiet inner strength.
In recent years she started using stoneware clay bodies, such as on this exhibition.  She wanted to concentrate on vibrant and muted colours alike.  She says:   ‘I want to work on achieving better and bolder forms.  I constantly want to challenge myself and achieve more because every day that I can be in my studio is a blessing.’
Dale Lambert - Blue/Yellow
Dale Lambert - Dark teal
Dale Lambert - Green
Dale Lambert - Red
Dale Lambert - Orange
Dale Lambert - Yellow