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North Gallery

Loeritha Saayman

19 July 2019 to 8 August 2019
From Friday 19 July 2019 the Pretoria Arts Association presented My daily maze under construction by Loeritha Saayman. Thematically the works portray ‘protecting and securing vulnerable life rhythms during drastic change.’
Saayman obtained her degree in Visual Arts at UNISA.  In 2000 she opened the Brooklyn Fine Arts Studio.  She’s enjoyed multiple solo and group exhibitions both locally and abroad. She’s also involved in various community projects, annually acting as adjudicator at the Pretoria Eisteddfod and National Eisteddfod Academy and serving on the council of the Pretoria Arts Association.  Her works have found homes in numerous private and corporate collections as far away as China.
Insecurity and uncertainty are fuelled in an era of political, economic and environmental change.  Subsequently these penetrate the boundaries of what should be a ‘safe space’ although a truly safe place remains a debatable and ideological construct. 
The artist takes stock of her own life situation by choosing to upcycle used materials.  She creates an installation with works depicting an imaginary journey towards a physical and psychological safe space.  This journey explores the uprooting of ‘self’ and draws a comparison between human and animal behaviour regarding territory and migration.
Saayman makes use of aerial photographs and land maps of her own surroundings, old artwork and printed media in combination with cotton thread and spent paint.  This process is therapeutic and also serves the purpose of metaphorical change in redefining the ‘authentic self’ within the borders of a personal safe space.
African painted dogs I
African painted dogs
Cape Bunting on lover's rock
Comfort seekers by nature
Devil's knuckles
Diversion from direction
Faded colours
Freedom puzzle
Free-range map
Handmade contours
It sounds like a song from Africa
Journal page 267
Mapping between old routes and new routes
My themepark
Social weavers
Territorial race
The sower, the reaper II
Tracing footpaths
White shadow
Who is the king of space