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Milton Miltiades - myroPhoroi II
3 December to 15 December 2021


In Greek mythology Myrrha, the daughter of King Cinyras of Cyprus, was tricked into an incestuous relationship with her father by the goddess of love, Aphrodite.  However, the gods took pity on her and transformed her into a tree.
This tree’s resin, considered to be Myrrha’s tears, was a precious commodity in antiquity.  It was used for perfume, incense and healing and as we all know, myrrh was one of the gifts offered to the baby Christ.  After his crucifixion, his body was anointed with myrrh.
In ancient times if you were planning to go on a journey, usually a dangerous undertaking, you would go to Apollo’s temple and present a special offering, more often than not a clay object, in exchange for protection and your safe return.  This was a votive offering.
Artist Milton Miltiades was born in Cyprus in 1960 and grew up in Lubumbashi, in the DRC.  He studied part time at UNISA and obtained the degree of B.A. (Fine Art) with distinction in History of Art IV in 1993.
With the forthcoming exhibition of Milton Miltiades at the Association of Arts Pretoria the viewer can experience the craftsmanship of his refined handling of ceramic sculpture. Miltiades depicts votive offerings inspired by ancient and contemporary cross-cultural practices. His works are highly evocative and admired by both art lovers and critics. 
This is his third exhibition at the Association and will be opened by Gordon Froud on Friday 03 December 2021 at 18:30.  The exhibition closes on Wednesday 15 December 2021.  What an exciting and unusual end of the year!
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