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Agony and suffering in the work of Hector Pieterson

The emotion of agony and suffering are immediate responses to the depiction of images relating to the crucifixion of Christ, however the same response can be attributed to Sam Nzima’s image of Hector Pieterson in 1976. This lecture considers these tragic events which retain similar characteristic in its dedication to the fight for basic human rights and a better life experience.

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Primavera by Boticelli

One of the first Renaissance artworks to place heathen gods on equal footing with Christian figures, this complicated Neoplatonic masterpiece comments on the love of Giuliano de Medici for Simonetta Vespucchi and illustrates the contemporary belief that love ends in marriage. It therefore illustrates how the ancient power of passionate love is influenced by the Venus of harmony via Cupid to go to the return of its origin in intellectual thought by sublimation.

Prof Alexander Duffey
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The last supper

In this lecture on Leonardo da Vinci’s great artwork The Last Supper Professor Alex Duffey will delve into the secrets of why this most thought-out picture in the history of art still inspires awe in those that see it for the first time. The genius of this artwork lies in its capacity to express simultaneously the secular and the mystical, collapsing the psychological drama of Christ's betrayal and the inauguration of the Eucharist into a single moment. Come and enjoy a fresh new look at this masterpiece, which in spite of the fact that today it is only a shadow of what it was, will allow you to appreciate the genius of Leonardo da Vinci anew.
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