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Majak Bredell:  The New York Years 1981 - 2003

Artist’s statement:  Through art-making I quarrelled with the legacy and unyielding demands of the patriarchal Calvinism that shaped my childhood in the 1950s.  This journey, accompanied by Jungian therapy and much reading, eventually led me to a gender shift in the image of the sacred, culminating in my resurrection of ancient notions of the great mother; goddess; sacred female.  In this process, I imagined an embodied reflection of those parts of being that had been marginalized or rejected by western monotheism’s misogyny and its casting of the sexual female body into the abyss of so-called original sin…   I returned to South Africa after a hiatus of almost 23 years.  I bear a double identity.

Visit the following links to listen to what the artist says about her exhibition:
Majak Bredell - The New York Years Part 1 https://youtu.be/axGNc0TDKnk
Majak Bredell - The New York Years Part 2 https://youtu.be/deOJCTikwIg
Cruciform Torso I
Cruciform Torso II
Figure in attendance
Figure of origin
Great mother
Horned figure
Horned icon
Horned study
Reformed cruciform
Sacred mirror I
Sacred mirror II
Self study
Study after moederdeur I
Study after moederdeur II
Study after moederdeur III
Study after moederdeur IV
Study for moederdeur I
Study for moederdeur II
Study for moederdeur III
Study for moederdeur IV
The camera and I # 1
The camera and I # 2
The camera and I # 3
The camera and I # 4
The camera and I # 5
The camera and I # 6
The camera and I # 7
The camera and I # 8
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