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The Printing Girls

16 Prints for 16 days of activism for NO VIOLENCE against women and children
25 November to 10 December 2020
“The strength of women lies in the quiet and steadfast perseverance against a history of inequality and unkindness in many fields.  It lies in the depth of how we feel each wrong and unjust thing in this world.  It lies in the unity we forge through relationships with our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, and female friends.  Our strength lies in the honesty with which we speak.”
During the 16 days of nationwide activism around abuse against women and children, this exhibition features sixteen prints from several members of The Printing Girls.  The selected works are intended to reveal just a fraction of the life experiences of women in our country. 
For these artists it lies in every rotation made by the printing press and each hiss of inky brayer.  It lies in every mark they make. Therefore this exhibition of sixteen prints is one with a difference. “We might not be the loudest, most provocative, most aggressive revolutionary female art collective around, but do not be fooled.  Do not underestimate our strength.  Core to the ethos of The Printing Girls lies a sense of solidarity and community.”
Participating artists:  Amy Jane van den Bergh, Allison Klein, Fiver Locker, Jose Vermeij, Renee Johannes, Neeske Alexander, Helena Uembambe, Lisa Nettelton, Mariette Momberg, Heidi Mielke, Marelise van Wyk, Lucy Stuart-Clark and Mbali Tshabalala.
Fiver Locker - The woman who lost her skin
Fiver Locker - The woman who leapt to the moon
Renee Johannes - Sapphire
Jose Vermeij - You are fine the way you are
Renee Johannes & Lisa Nettelton - The Burden
Allison Klein & Helena Uembambe - How will you live?
Mariette Momberg - Still we rise
Allison Klein - Dirty Laundry
Marelise van Wyk - Duster Wallpaper Diptych
Marelise van Wyk - Duster Wallpaper Diptych
Heidi Mielke - Remember Anene i
Heidi Mielke - Remember Anene ii
Amy Jane van den Berg - Thank god her boobs had lasers
Mbali Tshabalala - The past is always present i
Mbali Tshabalala - The past is always present ii
Lucy Stuart Clark - Her truth is seldom convenient
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