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Lynette ten Krooden - Travelling with a spoon

22 October to 14 November 2020
In Travelling with a spoon Lynette ten Krooden will be exhibiting a collection of her studio gems - pieces that have adorned the walls of her house and studio over the last 40 years.   Some are unsold pieces from previous exhibitions, some have never been shown.  There is a collection of different mediums and executions on different surfaces.  Thoughts over time and space as well as hidden messages will hang together with some new pieces from the lockdown series she labels her ‘Time of Plenty’.
Lynette ten Krooden is a highly celebrated artist - both locally and internationally.  She studied at the University of Pretoria, worked at Pact, was head of the Graphic Design section of the Human Research Council and after the birth of her sons, lectured at the Tshwane University of Technology and the University of Pretoria.
‘Experimenting with different mediums has always been part of my journey.  Goldleaf has a mysterious luminescent quality and carries my fingerprints in the folds and textures of canvas and paper.  Oil painting, inks and watercolours remain popular techniques to play with’, she says of her work.
Ten Krooden is a well travelled artist.  Apart from having had several sojourns at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, she has been to Jordan, Dubai, Oman, Timbuktu, Vietnam and Fiji. She has always been interested in archaeology and believes that it has also had an influence on her work.  In 1990 her work was accepted at the Majlis Gallery in Dubai and for the past 30 years they represented her in the Northern Hemisphere, exhibiting in Florence, Cairo and Singapore.
Karoo storm
Golden seas
Desert palace
Winter light - Entrance to the ancient city
Little mosque
Komeet oor Mapungubwe
Little church Sienna
Komeet oor Oman
After the storm
Bird watchers
Wave - Gaia series
Sarah Bernhardt
Old earth - Gaia series
African story carpet
Little mosque, Cairo
Blaartapyt - Ek het ‘n tuin - Time of plenty series
Dreamtime moon
Notre Dame
Wisteria - Ek het ‘n tuin - Time of plenty series
Omani woman from Nizwa goat market
Bougainvillea - Ek het ‘n tuin - Time of plenty series
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