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North Gallery

Christiaan Snyman

Ceramic Art
24 February to 16 March 2024

Primarily known as bass-baritone, in 2020 Christiaan Snyman took up pottery lessons with Sharon Mitrie who taught him important foundational skills.  He soon realised he had a knack for throwing on the wheel and sculpting.  Other instructors include Anthony Shapiro, Michelle Legg, John Shirley and Lesley Ann Hoets in Sedgefield.  The latter taught him the discipline of hand-building and coiling which he could combine with his wheel work to create larger vessels. 
Christiaan loves experimenting and stretching his own limits.  Moreover, he adores flora, especially South African indigenous ferns - a regular theme in his work.   He is also strongly influenced by the ancient Greek shape in pottery and subtly incorporates this in his work.
Clivias on black slip - Sold
Tall brown pot with copper & lithium gaze
Abstract vase in black, white and blue slip
Black and white platter with carved ferns - Sold
Brown pot with carved ferns - Sold
Hydra vase with white and blue slip
Handbuilt bowl on foot with Davallia imprint
Handbuilt bowl with tulip carving
Pot with narrow neck in blue and white glaze
Chinese lantern pot with carved ferns - Sold
Pitcher with Acanthus leaves
Slender green vase
Green hydra with curly handles - Sold
Terracotta vase with leaf - Sold
Large pot in Greek blue with Acanthus leaf carving
Bowl with white slkip and blue fern carving
Carved pot in green glaze - Sold
Carved pot in green glaze - Sold
Small blue vase with red fern carving - Sold
Blue pot with red acanthus leaves
Bowl with white slip and blue fern carving - Sold
Pot with rose carving - Sold
Pot with Acanthus leaves - Sold
Fat little vase with copper glaze
Large hydra style green vase - Sold
Round pot with leaf
Leafy vase in copper and lithium glaze - Sold
Slender vase with green glaze
Large round vase with blue glaze and acanthus leaves
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