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Stephi Joubert

An exhibition of acrylic and ink on canvas by Stephi Joubert
3 May 2019 to 22 May 2019
Pretoria artist, Stephi Joubert has spent most of her life in the quest for beauty and art.  In her long career she has experimented with various mediums: pencil, graphite, pastel, acrylic paints, airbrushing, oils, digital media, sculpting, scratchboard and lately claybord. She prefers the latter even though she has to import it from America since South African art stores don’t stock these versatile boards.
She has created in various styles including realism (depicting people, animals and landscapes) and abstract and has her works printed in two colouring books for adults.  She never had formal training, except for art classes at a local art studio.  In 2015 she held her first solo exhibition at the Pretoria Arts Association where she sold all her works.  In 2017 she had another exhibition at the same venue showcasing her clayboard works.
On Friday, 3 May  2019 her latest exhibition opens here and once again promises to be very exciting and of a high standard.
Stephi Joubert states:  “The dictionary defines quest as a long, arduous search for something. The non-medical definition of the heart is the central or innermost part of something.  Art is a window into this search.  Each line represents the thousands of different paths each of us takes in our search of the innermost pathway of our existence.  The heart, the spirit and the soul are intrinsically linked to this search and it is not surprising that the word heart contains the word art.”
“Art, whether being created or enjoyed, is a part of each of us, a window to our quest and a steppingstone in making sense of it.”
Soul window
Precious soul
Soul wounds
Thoughts in mind
Splitting atoms
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