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The Awesome womxn exhibition 2019

“We should all be feminists, that ‘single stories’ curtail and inform our thinking, especially about Africa,” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (2014) explains in her book.  Adichie urges us to ‘unlearn’ the lessons of our youth and instead foster new narratives where we may all strive to be as we are.
Awesome Womxn is a group exhibition curated by Dr Adéle Adendorff and hosted by the Association of Arts Pretoria in celebration of Women’s Month 2019.
The exhibition aims to make visible alternative, poly-vocal and multiple stories around the intersectional category, Womxn.  Artworks from thirty artists working with various materials and subjects offer a platform where we may expand our imaginations beyond the normative categories of gender and race to project new possibilities for ourselves and others.
Adele Adendorff - Cocoon
Maaike Bakker - Forever thankful
Jaco Benade - After the ceremony
Maaike Bakker - You have to make it meaningful
Debbie Cloete - Pink
Carla Crafford - Who is rocking the baby
Lala Crafford - In pursuit of vision
Jayne Kelly Crawshay-Hall - As I left it
Jayne Kelly Crawshay-Hall - As it was
The doowaah girls (Gretha, Jana and Sandra)
Hannelize Human - #playlikeagirl
Hannelize Human - (women's) sport
Danelle Janse van Rensburg - S(he) wolf
Marlise Keith - Shroud II
Ronel Kellerman - Veiled
Ronel Kellerman - Confess
Ronel Kellerman - Deliverance
Ronel Kellerman - After dark
Ronel Kellerman - Shift
Hannah Kempe - Seeding
Stefanie Langenhoven - An octopus have three hearts
Stefanie Langenhoven - Interlude I
Stefanie Langenhoven - Interlude II
Stefanie Langenhoven - Interlude III
Stefanie Langenhoven - Interlude IV
Stefanie Langenhoven - Utopia
Grace Lottering - Jammer
Grace Lottering - Jammer
Grace Lottering - Jammer
Grace Lottering - Jammer
Amita Makan - Iphindlela:  After Gopal Naransamy
Leanne Olivier - Ophelian Sanctum ii
Danielle Oosthuizen - Someone, something
Adele Potgieter - Floralia
Adele Potgieter - Genesing
Adele Potgieter - Lente
Adele Potgieter - In my own words
Henk Serfontein - Wilma Stockenstrom:  Ek laat my lok deur die nagvoël se fluit
Hannalie Taute - Bamboozle
Hannalie Taute - Inanna
Hannalie Taute - No action hero
Hannalie Taute - Pre-her-storic
Johan Thom - Recital:  Decay
Nina Torr - Looking for a home
Elleni Tossel - Dynamics
Thelma van Rensburg - Rigor of the feminine
Thelma van Rensburg - Embodying abjection and decay
Jaco van Schalkwyk - Broos
Dalene Victor-Meyer - Sticks unturned
Marina Walsh - Kombers
Imile Wepener - Witchy womxn part 1:  Hardest of hearts
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