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Year - 2018

Members' Exhibition 2018
Various Artist
Cronje Lemmer & Roy Vieira Forte
Hare's an idea | In der haas
Carla Crafford & Guy du Toit
Rudolph Vosser - Tribute exhibition
Die gebreekte mens
Michael Heyns
In the beginning
Michael Teffo
Francke Gretchen Crots
ANIMALIA EX REBUS (Animals out of things)
Hannes Elsenbroek
Dylan Graham & Alet Pretorius
Potter of the Month:  February 2018
Caroline Schulz Vieira
Potter of the month - March 2018
Doreen Hemp
Potter of the month - April 2018
Chris Patton
Potter of the month - May 2018
Karen van der Riet
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